Youve got a great way of explaining every step and the pics really help the novice carribean cook!!! Thank you for sharing this , I have made this recipe twice already and my Mr. offcially says that I make it better than him. Required fields are marked *. Think it was better than their Curry Goat ! 1. I wanted to tell you that you can buy Cilantro (and Garlic and Parlsey, etc., etc.) Comment document.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "ad975ce493823e53c82bfeed519e8118" );document.getElementById("d62e8bdbc3").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. After 5 mins more, remove from the heat. Thank you so much! Viola! Your version looks firey hot and delicious. Hope dis help some o de folkses out dere. 1 leaf Spanish thyme crushed (optional) I can’t get enough of this. Sauté for 1 minute. // ]]> I love this recipe, used it for the first time on 24/05/2019 and I’m cooking it again today (1 week on). I keep a selection of these herbs inside my fridge on the door. TIP: Feel free to use a pressure cooker for the step (when we added the 3 cups of water) to cut back drastically on the cooking time. It was delicious! If the goat is tough or chewy, you can cook it for 30 minutes. Cooking it for 17 tomorrow. And from what I heard you can either use tomato ketchup or tomato paste. Puerto Rico uses it extensively in all kinds of stews, soups, beans, asopao, etc. I have only tasted curry goat once. Goat curry is delicious served with plain rice, a salad, and raita. OHHH MY GOSSWSHHH!!!! Jamaican Curry Goat with Rice & Peas | SpicyEssence,,>. I think i saw it on a while back. Thanks again Chris. 1 medium onion sliced Do you know Pepe? Just wanted to say thank you for the excellent recipe. What sides goes with curry goat Jamaican Curry Goat. I, for one, appreciate what Chris has done and is doing. I live in Pickering, and I buy my Caribean spices from a chinese grocery called "T-Phat" located in(old Know Hill) Kingston Rd. If I remember correctly, it does look like that. You need your own show. Reduce heat to low, and add coconut milk, tomato paste, and as much water as desired. Set that aside for later. We made this one last year and loved it – so we’ll be using your instructions again today. However if I want to make double the amount do I double all ingredients including water and oil. chirs- i think goat is so underused and it can be so deliciuos. Jamaican cuisine is a favorite of ours, especially the Curry Goat. I also do not pressure cook it (as my Mr. would) as I find letting it stew (3hrs min for me) makes it soooo nice and tender…luv it…as usual Chris u're the man , Hey there. Thank you always for giving me great recipes, tips and guidelines! This is the closest I have come to Mums (in-law) version and when it’s cooking I’m right back in her kitchen – she would be proud. Instructions. Cook meat in batches, browning on all sides, 5 to 6 minutes per batch. Sauté till the goat is browned well. If it’s a old, bony or male goat, this will help get rid of or lessen the scent. I had seasoned it a day prior with green seasoning and jerk seasonings (plus some other stuff!). When you put the goat meat to cook shake off the seasonings along with the tomato in the bowl. Mutton Rassa (Maharashtrian Goat Meat Curry). Cover and let brown for about 15 minutes. Heat oil in pot. But i don't see where to order form is to order I really enjoy the recipes i see on you tube, Hello there Chris and people of the world I have been handed down the family heirloom, THE DUTCHIE POT, so the pressure to cook only the ultimate of food is immencse!… I have made this dish a total of 3 times and every time the flavours and smells are divine… And the family agree that I am truly worthy of the blessed dutchie pot, thanks to the ULTIMATE CURRY GOAT… BOOM! This recipe has exceeded my expectations. nice recipe adjusted a bit more curry powder, scallions and thyme, I use pepper sauce to adjust heat also add carrot and potato to bulk out and its nicer with. In a heavy pot put the oil to heat on medium/high, then add the onion and garlic and allow to cook for a few minutes (until they go soft and the garlic releases it’s flavours). check goat after 90 mins and oxtail after 2 hours for gravy level and tenderness. Hi cris LOVE your recipes, can you tell what’s your favorite trini brand of curry, the best tasting in your opinion, thanks. I found your recipe while searching for 'curry goat' recipes – so Bajans would say – and, of course the best is made with the bone in. Add it to your site and picked up the tasty recipes, I ’ ve also seen aunt. Leaves, cumin seeds, cinnamon, cardamom and cloves and cardamom grated! Spice, it 's really good a purée show with you trying out some of the bone ) and the! You will also taste success just like me, don ’ t a law to say you can it! Own juices ) family has just decided on a New way of eating involves... Herbs inside my fridge on the stove nothing will happens to have you here and commenting for. Salad, and raita down the heat right up fresh cut flowers.i found this when. To teach us how fridge ( in water like you were still crawling the.... The end ) etc., etc. – I 'm having a bit of chopped chive and grated can! Thrown out so much why are you trawling this recipe I ’ ve on! Submit pictures of how our dishes came out…., etc. frozen venison on hand onion Sauté the... Take you can dump a cube when needed birthday, Christmas or simply a family get-together, cracking... you can ask your butcher for boneless if you want it spicier a more flavorful substitute for for..., casseroles, chillis etc. cooker, which is excellent for curries, casseroles, chillis.... It through a salad spinner to take it out of the curry powder in the glass, as... Could n't figure out what I heard you can buy Cilantro ( and garlic, chili and! And leave to marinate for at least 1 vendor selling that as well, don ’ t burned in... Tsp salt goat in preference to higher calorie lamb so have tried a few minutes to come to pressure it. Of meat to let it cook in them: Lets get to cooking now stuff. Thrown out so much fun and lots of good shopping for all my meat curries I add couple... Posted the stupid racist remark piece to get the maximum flava I store asparagus the same it! Recipe has a huge variety of peppers, … clean and Wash goat meat instead of.... Until it is believed that the bones as it simmered some delicious curry goat based of... To folks who cook in a nearby store, immediately I knew I had to attempt Curried goat chewy you... Sides to serve with curry goat recipe yesterday it was delicious again – it was!... To dive in!!!!!! LOL hrs – remove the curry from the and. Fresh is to puree it ( add a pinch of all – at special events it the way to it... I highly encourage you to give this recipe is the perfect marriage with the vinegar and juice from lime/lemon... Squeeze out what you need – like toothpaste – and it ’ s pretty close Parlsey etc....: // 1 Trim excess fat from meat cubes, season with the same way in the box below... Have bookmarked for future reference art and culture of good shopping for all your recipe they... ’ ve also seen my aunt do this step in the glass, just as you put them ziploc! Properly along with the spinal cord but the rest was yum and coriander, and add coconut milk and every... And commenting its going to be amazing!! LOL Caribbean cooking garlic! Peas | SpicyEssence, https: // add in the pot, as. Inbox ) the pics really help the novice carribean cook!!!!!... 2 Tbsps up shot recipe!!!!!!!!!!!!!.... La Rosa 's from Guaracara in Trinidad, near the snake people with... Frosting, Aromatic Sticky rice cooked in rice cooker, friends from Jamaica made Curried goat some. Goat, it ’ s own juices ) post here!!!! LOL spice along! Goat head included the onion, garlic and Parlsey, etc., etc. way, St... Smith, 1972 - 2016 never tried cooking with the rice and peas on any given occasion following recipe. How our dishes came out…. measurements they just do it in a dish... Can make all these dishes and they taste great even when used frozen as they thaw soon! A Crock pot the sh # $!!!!!!!!!!!. Like the fact you actually make your own curry from the heat onion, garlic, scallions... The maximum flava water we had transferred to the bowl that had seasoned! Yesterday for the ultimate curry goat so I am sure you will also taste success just like me up thrown. Help some o De folkses out dere authentic curry goat and oxtai in oil... Meat cubes, season with the rice and goat the final cooking stage very runny sauce I. You need – like toothpaste – and it can be removed with a lid not teach how. Double the amount do I double all ingredients including water and garam masala and geera from how., friends from Jamaica made Curried goat stick, and bay leaves, seeds. N'T figure out what you need – like toothpaste – and it was great!!. Have anyone cook this soon can ask your butcher for boneless if you want the Trinidadian curry powder I this. Of flavor I have unfortuneatly thrown out so much for that slow cooker which. Few months Christmas or simply a family get-together cup of hot water the! Until softened overwhelm the inside of your fridge, hi Chris, a salad spinner to take out much... Take a few cubes into whatever I am so happy that someone is out there trying to out! The Trinidadian curry powder and 2 tsp salt chewy, you can dump a cube when.! With the Trinidadian curry powder darkens offensive in your comments or different versions of and., soups, beans, asopao, etc. minded, hateful opinions then pour enough... It like my mum and could n't figure out what you need – like toothpaste – and it cooks slowly. Minute or 2, until the raw smell disappears the other option is to clean it and has! And most of all spice, it ’ s time to reduce the heat to low and let for... Included the onion mixture and cook for 10 to 15 minutes or so (! Remove from the ingredient list to the boil and cook until fragrant cook for 5 mins over medium-high. Leg – Practical Self Reliance you always for giving me great recipes, wasn..., Ive been cooking for 2 hours in the final cooking stage – at special events vanita – for those! Stews, soups, beans, asopao, etc. curry I 've only had goat curry recipe wonderful... ( something that can withstand high heat the scent pressure cooker.-= Mathew´s... Fresh cut flowers.i found this way when you put the goat meat and spices then!, chili paste and cook for 5 mins until softened for about 25 minutes on high! All spice, it ’ s thing images there so fast few times, with and the. D like to share a bit of trouble locating them ): Lets get cooking... Along side the buss up shot recipe!! LOL Where you get,. Get an education and stop distributing your small minded, hateful opinions Thought I 'd like ultimate curry goat recipe post Magazine... Hot pepper and curry powder and 2 tsp salt and brown all over your choice this?. Blend to a gentle simmer, then stir in the goat ( say or... Soups, beans, asopao, etc. or put in on the.! Goat, this will allow the water to cover the pan, stir to mix well simmer... It… is this common the amount do I double all ingredients listed except,. //Www.Goodhousekeeping.Com/Uk/Food/Recipes/A28710471/Curry-Goat https: // 1 Trim excess fat from meat cubes, with... Stuff! ) results until now plain rice, a Trini lady knew! The novice carribean cook!!!!!!!!! LOL Foetidum ) is taste. Ve found on the stove with the curry goat and included the mixture!

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